It’s the best time control tecnology!


System Features

  • The time control system allows you to access easily by authentication, providing your User and Password.
  • Allows you to recover your password in case you lose it.
  • The system allows access profiles.
  • When purchasing this system, you can request to adapt consultations and reports according to your needs.
  • It allows you to create many Projects with their start and end dates.
  • It allows you to create as many companies as you have your corporate and to assign to each company many projects and many employees.



  • The system is Biometric, it can be used through an optical reader or touch screen.
  • Easy registration of fingerprints by company
  • Easy configuration of the optical reader
  • You can use Touchscreen, ipad, Tablet, Smartphone

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Time recording

The system allows you to keep an accurate time control by company and project.

  1. Entry Work
  2. Exit Work
  3. Start Food
  4. Return Food
  5. Start Casual
  6. Return Casual

Biometric Time Control System

  1. You can define the Logo of your Company and it will appear in the biometric system.
  2. You can define your Companies, Employees and the biometric system is automatically configured.
  3. Biometric, it works with numbers of employees and records their times.
  4. Allows the use of Fingerprint Reader


We are sure that you will feel unconditional support from us.
By phone, mail and chat, we give you immediate attention.
You can also request special reports and queries for your Time Control system online.

5810 Wilson rd  Humble, TX 77396 EE. UU.
800-571-8370 Ext. 2

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